Inner KSP never created on SNES

Barry Smith bsmith at
Tue Dec 2 14:53:13 CST 2008

    Ugg,  I have added this check.


    This bug came from another "design extension" that was slightly  
Originally SNESCreate() always created a KSP and KSPCreate() always  
a PC and one could not change them.  But I realized that PCCreate()  
did not
automatically have a Mat in it, you had to add one with PCSetOperators()
[which really should be called PCSetMats()!] One could also change
it later with another call to PCSetOperators(). By symmetry one should
also be able to replace the KSP in a SNES and the PC in a KSP, hence

     But still PC's PCGetOperator() was different
because it returned nothing if PCSetOperators() had not yet been set. So
I had PCGetOperators() automatically return a new Mat if one had never  
it. I then changed SNESGetKSP() and KSPGetPC() to automatically create
one if it did not already exist and SNESSetKSP() had never been called.
This meant I had to add a bunch of checks if (!snes->ksp) to make
sure SNES had a proper KSP when needed.

   An alternative approach was to have SNESCreate() and KSPCreate()
continue to create the KSP and PC and change the PCCreate() to  
have a Mat (then PCSetOperators() would just overwrite the one already
there). The reason I didn't take this route is that PC hast TWO slots  
mat and pmat, sometimes they are the same and sometimes they are
different. Should PCCreate() create one and put it in both slots or  
two, one for each slot. I could avoid that decision by having the  
of those mats until PCGetOperators() when the user decides they want  
two or
one matrices by passing the same address in for mat and pmat or  

   So a bunch of design decisions over time lead to the current  
need for if (!snes->ksp) ....

On Dec 2, 2008, at 8:08 AM, Lisandro Dalcin wrote:

> I've just noticed that now SNES does not create the inner KSP at the
> time SNESCreate() is called. Then I could easily manage to break
> things (basically, if SNESSetFromOptions() is never called)
> Does it make sense to add:
> if (!snes->ksp) { SNESGetKSP(snes, &snes->ksp);}
> near the begining of SNESSetUp() ??
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