adding SNESSetLinearSolve()

Richard Tran Mills rmills at
Mon Oct 29 15:03:51 CDT 2007


That accomplishes essentially the same thing as Lisandro's proposed 
SNESSetLinearSolve() but is more consistent with the existing framework of 
PETSc.  In fact, it seems *inconsistent* right now that there is a way to use 
a shell PC but not a way to use a shell KSP.  Since it is not always "natural" 
to think of every custom solver as a "preconditioner" (Lisandro provides an 
example), it seems like there ought to be a KSP shell option.  But what might 
this mess up?

Just my 0.5 cents.


Barry Smith wrote:
>    You seem to be saying you want something much like a KSP shell?

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