jaguar and mercurial

Richard Tran Mills rmills at
Tue Nov 6 16:30:17 CST 2007

The problem was that the PETSc configuration files didn't have 
PETSC_HAVE_F90_2PTR_ARG defined so the F90 interfaces weren't working 
correctly.  I think this has been fixed for the 'cray-xt3-cnl_g' and 
'cray-xt3-cnl_fast' architectures.  I have to leave the office right now and I 
will recompile the other architectures tonight.

Give things a try and let me know if they are broken.


Richard Tran Mills wrote:
> PETSc has been built for CNL.  Use
>   PETSC_DIR=/apps/PETSC/petsc-2.3.3-hg
>   and PETSC_ARCH=cray-xt3-cnl_g (debugging) OR
>                  cray-xt3-cnl_fast  (most aggressive optimization)
>                  cray-xt3-cnl_O3    (-O3 optimization)
>                  cray-xt3-cnl_O2    (-O2 optimization)
> All of the example PETSc codes I have tried work, but PFLOW is dying 
> with a seg fault on the simple THC example.  I am currently trying to 
> figure the problem.

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