changes to SNES

Barry Smith bsmith at
Fri Aug 31 11:12:56 CDT 2007


     The changes sound fine for petsc-dev, improving the 
reference counting. But this is too large a change for a patch.
Patches are supposed to be minimulistic changes that fix particular
problems that are impacting end users.


On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, Lisandro Dalcin wrote:

> There are some things broken in SNES, and others that could be
> improved. In particular, I am going to make sure SNES take ownership
> and correctly manage reference counting of all the user provided
> vectors, that is:
> - function vector (passed in SNESSetFunction)
> - solution vector (passed in SNESSolve/SNESSetSolution)
> - afine vector (passed in SNESSolve/SNESSetRhs)
> All this is similar to what I did in the past for KSP
> I almost sure all those changes are completelly backward compatible.
> For example, the user was in charge of calling VecDestroy() with the
> provided function vector, but after calling SNESSolve. Now, users are
> able to call it after SNESSetFunction is called, so they do not need
> to mantain a reference to the function vector. The same applies to
> solution and afine vectors.
> So I want to ask you: can I push this in release-2.3.3?

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