PETSc 2.3.2/2.3.3 'forward' compatibility

Barry Smith bsmith at
Thu Aug 16 09:43:15 CDT 2007

  With the next release we can likely try providing a --download-
option for both of these packages (and other similar ones).


On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, S V N Vishwanathan wrote:

> Hi!
> > Perhaps a small set of you know I'm actively developing PETSc for
> > Python (petsc4py). Currently, petsc4py can be built and used with
> > PETSc versions 2.3.2 / 2.3.3 / DEV. As you know, PETSc evolves fast
> > and introduces backward incompatible interface changes in each
> > release. I'm particularly happy with this, as the library is always
> > getting better and better.
> We would also like to take this opportunity to promote our python
> bindings for PETSc as a part of the Elefant
> ( project. Unlike other approaches
> which "hand-code" the bindings our process is completely automated and
> build on the fly from the latest and greatest PETSc sources. We are more
> than happy to contribute it back to the PETSc source tree if there is
> interest.
> vishy
> ----- 
> Sale promotions don't.

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