PETSc team switching from BitKeeper

Barry Smith bsmith at
Tue May 23 15:59:32 CDT 2006

   PETSc users and friends,

    In the next couple of weeks we will be switching all the
PETSc repositories from bk (BitKeeper) to hg (Mercurial)

hg commands are "similar" to bk, here is a rough mapping

bk clone                    hg clone

bk citool                   hg commit
   (or bk ci; bk commit)

bk pull                     hg pull
                             hg update
                             hg commit

bk push                     hg push

We are all learning hg now so expect our recommended way
to use hg to change as we understand it better.

Once a repository has been moved from bk to hg, it will
no longer be avaible via bk. So if you are making changes
to any repository PUSH often.

We will attempt to provide
- an http url to pull the PETSc repositories and
- an ssh url to push repositories (for those with push permission).

We'll provide more information as we proceed with this
process. For now just install Mercurial

Those inside MCS can start with
hg clone ssh://

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.


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