Complex numbers and C compiler

Barry Smith bsmith at
Thu May 18 07:27:44 CDT 2006


     You can use (in the main directory) first
make ACTION=testexamples_C tree
make ACTION=testexamples_Complex tree
it should run a vast amount of the test problems.


On Thu, 18 May 2006, Mathieu Taillefumier wrote:

> Dear All,
> I modify the library in order to be able to compile the complex version of the library using a C compiler. Most of the modifications are in the header files, but I needed to modify the name of some variables in some of the source code. The first run I made using one of my program gives the same results than the one with c++ version of the library. But before sending the part I modified, I would like to know if you have a very heavy test suite for the library.
> The second point is that you need to have c99 compliant compiler, which means on intel processors that you need to use icc or gcc 4.1 (gcc 4.0 most work also, but I didn't try). The other thing is that I have only access to computer based on intel or amd processors, which means that I cannot test the code on all possibles architectures in particular CRAY and s.o.
> Regards
> Mathieu

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