Satish Balay balay at
Fri Nov 4 08:41:31 CST 2005

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, S V N Vishwanathan wrote:

> One thing I can highly recommend (based on our experiences so far) is to
> use plone. It has all the right combination of tools viz. 
> * bug tracker
> * mailing lists
> * release managers

Is the bugtracker internal to plone or is it an external package?

Looks like plone is a complete web-site management package for
individual projects like PETSc.

But we already moved from storing our web content in frontpage to 'bk'
- and I'm not sure if we want to move to a differnet system. [and
convince our system admins to install/maintain plone on our web

BTW: does it have some kind of version control for the 'content'? I'm
guessing it uses a database at the backend to store
content/bug-tracker data?

Also - how does account management work? i.e do all users for
mailing-lists/bugtracking/content-changers etc. need an account?

And does it have an e-mail gateway for bugtracker? Currently anyone
can send email to petsc-maint at - and We'd like to keep this
user interface

Any additional info would be great..


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