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S V N Vishwanathan vishy at
Thu Nov 3 20:22:19 CST 2005


Satish> But currently petsc-dev list archives are available only locally. And
Satish> petsc-maint is a 'bug-tracker' - not a mailing list. The archives of
Satish> this are also available locally only.

Satish> I'm checking if we can upgrade to a better bug tracker - with both
Satish> public/private entries [like bugzilla]. But....

One thing I can highly recommend (based on our experiences so far) is to
use plone. It has all the right combination of tools viz. 

* bug tracker
* mailing lists
* release managers

etc. which can make you life rather easy. We have switched completely to
plone ( which will be live in a day
or two once our legal dept has drafted a fat disclaimer :) ) and are
rather happy with it. If you guys are interested we can provide you with
more information/help on setting things up. Justin is our local expert
on this.

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application in life.  -- Calvin

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