[mpich-discuss] some questions about MPI

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>> 1/ I wanted to configure a MFC project ...
 It would be difficult to guess the source of your problem. One thing I can recommend is performing a diff on the VS proj files.

>> 2/ Since MPI_Publish_Name doesn't work across applications...
 You can manually write the port name to a file (and read it from other MPI processes).
 Are you referring to MPICH_PORT_RANGE? MPICH_PORT_RANGE specifies the range of ports to be used by the MPICH library (Try specifying a bigger range, say with 10 port numbers).

>> 3/ I have to launch my application in a remote node...
 Do you have the same username (with the same password) on all the machines/nodes? MPICH uses the same registered username/password to launch processes on all the nodes.

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I am working on windows 7 using mpich2-1.4.1-p1. during that, I encountered some problems, which are: 

1/ I wanted to configure a MFC project with MPI using the usual configuration but during the compilation some errors appeared like:"'CDialogEx' : base class undefined 
c:\users\toufik\documents\visual studio 2010\projects\mfcapp\mfcapp\mfcappdlg.h" which didn't appear before the configuration. I don't know if there is some extra 
options to adjust or it follows another method of configuration. 

2/ Since MPI_Publish_Name doesn't work across applications, I want that MPI_Open_port opens a predetermined port (not some random port), when I digged a little, I found 
that there is an environment variable MPI_PORT_RANGE whom could do it, when i tried it (mpiexec -env MPI_PORT_RANGE 1000..1000), nothing happened. 

3/ I have to launch my application in a remote node but that didn't work giving me the error message: "unable to connect to otherNode". what could be the problem, 
knowing that, all firewalls are off and all nodes have the same version of windows 7 and of mpich2. 

so, could anyone give some tips to help me with these questions? and thanks. 

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