[mpich-discuss] Problem with MPI_File_write_all in Fortran90?

Angel de Vicente angelv at iac.es
Tue Jul 24 08:36:44 CDT 2012

Hi Rajeev,

Rajeev Thakur <thakur at mcs.anl.gov> writes:
> It's the 2D array allocation problem in C. If you declare the array as
> int local_array[2][2], and initialize it as local_array[i][j] = blah,
> not local_array[i,j] = blah, it will work.

oops, Fortran coding blinded me :-) 

Leaving the local_array definition as dynamic and initializing
local_array with local_array[i*2 + j] = ... did the trick as well.

Ángel de Vicente
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