[mpich-discuss] Spawn children on remote nodes

toufik hadjazi h_toufik7 at hotmail.fr
Thu Jul 19 19:43:29 CDT 2012

Hi,  I am using mpich2-1.4.1p1 on a windows 7 32 bits. I want to spawn processes on other machines, which has the same version of mpich and windows 7, but it fails giving me the output "Aborting: unable to connect to otherHost", where otherHost represent the ohter machine. I don't know why it fails 'cause when I tried to ping the two machines it worked well and the firewalls are deactived on both machines.Does someone know what it could be the problem?PS : I used the command : mpiexec -hosts 1 myHost otherHost myApp.exe and I used the info key "host" to select the host of MPI_Comm_spawn. best regards, Toufik. 		 	   		  
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