[mpich-discuss] Inconsistency in make output between MPE2 and rest of MPICH2

Anthony Chan chan at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jul 11 19:19:43 CDT 2012

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> During MPE2 build make outputs entire compile line (path to compiler,
> compiler flags, etc). In same time rest of build echo only CC with
> file name.

MPE2 currently only uses autoconf and standard Make utility, and does
not have layers of tools like the rest of MPICH2 (which has just updated
to use all autotools), so MPE's build system is way behind MPICH2's.

> I think will be good idea to bring consistency in make output.

Agreed, but we currently just don't have the resources to beautify MPE's
make output as the rest of MPICH2.  Given the make output does not affect
functionality, it will be a low priority item.


> Eugene.
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