[mpich-discuss] Immediate process failure, Windows 7

Barnhart, Kevin Scott ksbarnh at sandia.gov
Mon Jul 2 18:20:11 CDT 2012

Looking for any clues on this one - my past is with MPI on Linux.  I am compiling a C++ 32-bit console program in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7 and linking in the MPICH2 1.4.1p1 ia32 libraries.

I have compiled a test 'pi' application in both Debug and Release modes and am able to run these with multiple processes.  Debugging works fine, I see each process at my break points.  I also have no problems running on the command line.  Everything seems to exit correctly.

I also have an old version of my application that was compiled (by someone else) on a WinXP computer using Visual Studio 2006.  I am able to run that application in the console and see all the processes start and stop correctly.

Now, I can compile a new version of my code (with very few modifications) in both Debug and Release mode.  When I launch via the command line, I get a pause (about the time to launch the processes) and then everything exits with no output.  I put a cout (and flush) at the beginning of main() but don't see any of that, either.  If I run in debug, I set a breakpoint at the beginning of main() (at my cout) but no processes seem to reach it.  I just get a "MPISHIM: target process exited with code -1073741515" for each process.  I realize that this could be a VS2010 issue but I have no reasonable way of testing on a different version of the IDE and compiler.

I am at a loss without any additional debug information.  Any help is much appreciated.


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