[mpich-discuss] different directories for each process using host file

Zachary Stanko zstanko at usgs.gov
Thu Aug 23 15:15:18 CDT 2012


Can you please help me understand the syntax of process managers and how 
to get a job running.
If I am using a windows cluster, do I have to use smpd or can I use hydra?
Is it possible to use a host file to specify a separate working directory 
for each process?

host1:4 -dir dir\1 dir\2 dir\3 dir\4
host2:4 -dir dir\1 dir\2 dir\3 dir\4
host3:4 -dir dir\1 dir\2 dir\3 dir\4

or does the -dir command only work as an argument to mpiexec?

How then do I create multiple processes on multiple hosts each with their 
own directory?

Should I only use one process for each host and let MPICH2 decide how to 
distribute threads among the cores or should I use as many processes as I 
have cores?

What would be the default working directory if I just tried to run:



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