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Mahesh Doijade maheshdoijade at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 10:44:51 CDT 2011

Hi Will,
            mpd is been replaced by hydra which is now the default process
manager for MPICH2. and if you want to verify whether mpich2 has been
installed then check whether 'mpiexec' , 'mpicc' are present, for this you
have to execute this command 'which mpicc' 'which mpiexec'.
And regarding the machinefile and executing MPI programs on a cluster follow
steps given in this link

-- Mahesh Doijade.

2011/8/15 张巍 <zhweizi at 126.com>

> Hi, I'm an amateur of Linux, and studying in Cluster with MPI recently. The
> version which I downloaded is the newest "mpich2-1.4", and OS is Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 4 ES. I have two questions to be consulted, and appreciate
> for your attention.
> First,  in the manual "Installer's Guide", 2.2-8,  I should use command
> "which mpicc" and "which mpiexec" to check my installation. But according to
> informations I've found in internet, they all said there should be four
> command: "which mpd", "which mpicc", "which mpiexec" and "which mpirun"  .
> And some guy tells me  command "mpd" is replaced by other commands like
> "hydra" or etc.  I don't know if I can't use "mpd" command, means that the
> MPICH program has not been installed successfully?
> Second, in the manual "Installer's Guide", 2.2-10, I should modify the
> "machinefile" to ensure every computer is listed in the cluster, but, I
> can't find a way to modify or open the "machinefile".
> Sorry to take your time, and waiting for your reply.
> Best regards.
>                                                &nb sp;
>             Will ZHANG
>    Tongji University, Shanghai, China
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