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So far my experience has been that the in core message transfer rate is far better than a gigabyte switch and backbone.  Infiniband would be a dramatic improvement but it's hard to believe that it could keep up with in memory.  What has worked out best for our app is a single message thread, and then the app using shared memory directly to distribute.  That dramatically lowers the number of open sockets and communication overhead.  It may not work best in every case, but for us it worked better regardless of very high core/process count per node or lower count per node.  So we ran only one MPI process per physical node.  It also lowers the number of sockets you have to support on node 0 if you have point to point communication.  Linux at least defaults to 1048 sockets and files, and it's nice for node 0 performance to keep under that.  You can raise it with ulimit, but when you're got 15000 cores, it's pretty expensive to have one MPI process per core.

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Our IT staff is not particularly knowledgeable about parallel computing. Their current upgrade plan centers around quad/quad or dual/hex boxes which would have 16 or 12 cores respectively. I have no doubt that such a machine would run a parallel job efficiently. My question is how well can I harness multiple boxes together?

The applications are all CFD (FLUENT, GASP, STAR, VULCAN). I am talking to the various software vendors about this but would like some info from the programming community.

Assuming the same memory per core am I better off with

High core count (12-16) boxes on a gigabit switch
Lower core count (2 -4) boxes on an infiniband switch.

I understand that if I configure mpich correctly it will use shared memory on the mutli-core multi-processor boxes. If I end up with the high core count boxes, should I spec the frontside bus (or whatever it is called now) as high as possible??

I also have concerns that a single power supply failure takes out more cores, though perhaps that is not such a problem

Any information is greatly appreciated

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