[mpich-discuss] Beginner's problem with MPE, logging, and ifort

Anthony Chan chan at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 19 19:11:44 CDT 2009

Configure MPICH2 again with F77=ifort and F90=ifort as part
of configure command.  If you are doing an inpath build,
do "make distclean" before running configure.

----- "Thomas Ruedas" <ruedas at dtm.ciw.edu> wrote:

> MPICH2 CC: 	gcc  -O2
> MPICH2 CXX: 	c++  -O2
> MPICH2 F77: 	g77  -O2
> MPICH2 F90: 	ifort  -O2
> So indeed, I have overlooked the g77 entries in the configure log or 
> searched for the wrong thing, sorry. Why does it choose different 
> compilers for the two Fortran flavors, and what should I do to make
> the 
> Intel compiler work with MPE?
> Thomas
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