[mpich-discuss] Beginner's problem with MPE, logging, and ifort

Anthony Chan chan at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 19 18:44:42 CDT 2009

----- "Thomas Ruedas" <ruedas at dtm.ciw.edu> wrote:

> When I compile the small F90 test program listed and the end of this 
> email and run it as follows:
> mpif90 -mpe=mpilog test2.f90
> mpiexec -machinefile machines -n 4 a.out
> it runs normally, but no logging takes place, neither on the screen
> nor into a file. The option -mpe=mpitrace also shows no effect at all.
> What is going wrong here?

check if there is any MPE symbol in a.out, i.e.

nm a.out | grep MPE

My guess is that the mpif90 that you invoked may not be from mpich2
that comes with MPE.  Your mpich2 configure output may contain hints
of what went wrong, send us the output of mpich2version.


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