[mpich-discuss] Anyluck Luck with PGI Compilers for MPICH2-1.2?

Capehart, William J William.Capehart at sdsmt.edu
Sun Oct 18 12:04:49 CDT 2009

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>         MPICH2-1.2?
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> On Oct 18, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Capehart, William J wrote:
>> Has anyone had any traction getting MPICH2 to compile with ch3
>> nemesis (as opposed to socks) on the PGI compiler set?  I?ve had no
>> luck (except for doing it with socks) with the Linux 32&64 and the
>> MacOS versions of PGI.
> I'm not 100% certain of the current status of Nemesis+PGI.  Nemesis
> depends on  the OPA library in order to get atomic assembly
> instructions for some of the shared memory communication.  At least as
> of a while ago, OPA still didn't work on PGI because of some bugs in
> the PGI compiler itself.
> Darius might know the status with greater certainty.  If not, I can
> play with it on Monday or Tuesday and get back to you to see where we
> are at w.r.t. PGI.
> What version of the compiler are you using?  If things are going to
> work at all, you'll probably need a fairly recent version.  We have
> 7.1 and 8.0.5 here at ANL, and I'm fairly certain that it will not
> work with 7.x, but I'm not sure about 8.x.  And I haven't used the 9.x
> series yet at all.  I just tried to test things with 8.x, but our
> license server is having some trouble after a datacenter move this
> weekend.  I'll let you know more once we get that sorted out this week.
> -Dave

Hi Dave

I’m running the 9.0-4 on both linux (mandriva and fedora, both 32 and 64) and on the mac with both leopard and snowleopard.

Like I said, I can still get it to compile with socks...

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