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 And before compiling MPICH2 (running the helper script mentioned below)
you need to configure MPICH2 for windows (cscript winconfigure.wsf


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1) You cannot install a 64-bit application on a 32-bit OS (Install a
64-bit version of windows if you need to install 64-bit version of

2) The default channel used in MPICH2 is not multithreaded (default
channel is sock). You need to specify a multithreaded channel to enable
thread support. Try using the nemesis channel (mpiexec -n 2 -channel
nemesis my_mpi_pgm.exe) or the multithreaded sock channel (mpiexec -n 2
-channel mt my_mpi_pgm.exe).

3) You don't have to compile MPICH2 if you need to develop MPI
applications (the precompiled libraries are installed when you install
MPICH2). If you would like to work on MPICH2 you can compile the source
with VS 2008 using the helper script, winbuild.wsf (maint\winbuild.wsf). I
use the following options with the helper script (Currently the script
assumes that the source is in the parent directory. So "cd to winbuild
dir" before running the script),

 # Open a VS 2008 command prompt.
 # To get the options supported by the script, cscript
..\maint\winbuild.wsf /?
 # To compile nemesis channel (32-bit) using the script, cscript
..\maint\winbuild.wsf --with-cpu=x86 --build=Release --with-appver=0x502
--with-channel=nemesis --disable-profiling --disable-fortran --disable-gcc

 Let us know if you need further help.


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Hi All,

I have below issues to share:

1. I have an AMD64 machine with WinXP32 and another Intel Core2Duo with
Somehow "Win X86_64 Binary" failed to install on both machines. I have to
choose "Win IA32 Binary" installer. Is this normal?

2. I called
MPI_Init_thread(&argc, &argv, MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE,
&multithread_support_level); But multithread_support_level is always 0.
Does the installer's implementation support MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE? If not,
do I have to recompile the source?

3. I tried to use MSVS2008 to compile the source tree's mpich2.sln. But it
failed by reporting missing many source files under libsrc/include/win/...
which is not created by running "makewindist.bat".

Please help. Thanks a lot.


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