[mpich-discuss] Is stand alone MPI executable possible?

Gulshan Singh sgulshan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 15:01:30 CDT 2009

What we have:
Windows XP, Intel Fortran, Visual Studio, and MPI library from Argonne
National Labrotary.

We developed a MPI Fortran code that that runs on requested number of
processors. We are trying to generate an executable from this code. This
executable should be such that the user does not have to install MPI library
(STATIC library).

We have been trying to do this from some time. We looked at intel help for
statis libraries and many posts regarding similar issues and could not
find/develop a solution. Can any please tell us that it is possible to do
develop a stand alone MPI executable. If possible what is the procedure in
Visual Studio to get the executable.

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