[mpich-discuss] Basic MPICH questions when coming from OpenMPI background (SMP clusters)

Muhammad Atif m_atif_s at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 18:01:50 CST 2009

Dear MPICH users/gurus
I have got basic questions regarding MPICH with regards to SMP clusters using multiple GigE interfaces. Forgive me for asking such basic questions as I am more familiar with OpenMPI. Also forgive me if there was any such post, as google was not being my good friend.

Basically what I want to ask is; if I have  two quard core machines and each machine has 4 GigE interfaces, what should I do to use all 4 GigE interfaces. Is channel bonding (a.k.a Link aggregration) the only option? Or can I do with by setting up the routing tables?  What method is more optimal/prefered.
My requirement is that if I run a program with 8 processes, I want each process to use a distinct CPU and distinct interface. Also, once the processes are communicating within the machine they should use Shared memory infrastructure.

In case of OpenMPI,  I only have to specify a hostfile with slots and ask the btl to use all four (or whatever) interfaces. OMPI is able to route the packets accordingly using mix of SM and TCP BTLs.

I am using MPICH 1.0.7. 

 Best Regards,
Muhammad Atif

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