[mpich-discuss] File I/O doesn't work with mapped network drive

Jayesh Krishna jayesh at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 27 10:17:21 CST 2009

 The MPICH2 process manager is installed as a Service which runs as "Local
System". So the process manager by default cannot access the network
mapped drives (and rightly so...).

(PS: Note that an MPI job can be run on behalf of any user. A user might
want to only map the network drive relevant to the MPI job. You can also
try using the "-mapall" option which will map all the network drives.)



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Hi. I have written in my previous message that "and use -map option, it
works well".
-map option is all right, but I'm interested in following questions: Why
can't MPICH work without -map option with my mapped network drive, mapped
by Windows Explorer? or the same, It have been mapped yet in Windows
Explorer, why should I map it again by mpiexec? If It's impossible, do you
plan this possibility in future versions.

Thank you for your reply. It's very important for me.
With best wishes, Konstantin Gertsenberger.

2009/1/26 Jayesh Krishna <jayesh at mcs.anl.gov>

 Please use the "-map" option available with mpiexec to map any network
drive that you use in your MPI job (eg: mpiexec -n 2 -map
 Let us know if it works for you.



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Subject: [mpich-discuss] File I/O doesn't work with mapped network drive

Good day.
I've developed MPI (MPICH 1.0.8) application working with file that is
located on mapped network drive (letter z:, for example, z:\my.bin).
The drive Z was mapped by Windows Explorer and it's avalaible for all

My application (run with mpiexec -n X(1,2,3...) "c:\my_app.exe", it has
copy on all nodes) get an error when it attemps to open this file from any
node (no such file or directory). If i disconnect mapped network drive in
Windows and use -map option, it works well, but there are some reasons
because of I can't use this approach.

Tell me please, why can't SMPD find files are located on mapped network
drive, mounted by Windows (Explorer)?

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