[mpich-discuss] Debugging MPI on osx 10.5

Thomas Blom blomcode at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:37:13 CST 2009

Is anyone using the xcode/graphical front-end to gdb for debugging MPI apps?

If I build the program with a makefile which calls mpicxx to compile the
source, it builds correctly, but breakpoints set in xcode are not respected,
even though I have supplied the -g (include debug info in OS-native format)
to mpicxx.

If instead I use a 'native' xcode project (as opposed to an "External Build
System" project which calls the makefile), then I get link errors missing
some of the MPI symbols, presumably because g++ and not mpicxx is being used
to compile the source.  In the "compiler version" field for the target,
there are choices for various versions of gcc, but not for the mpi wrapper


thomas blom
ut austin
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