[mpich-discuss] Socket error on Quad-core Windows XP

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 9 23:53:25 CDT 2008

Do you have a very simple (as simple as possible) program that 
demonstrates this? Also, can you give some more information about your 
installation --

1. Which version of MPICH2 are you using?

2. What configuration options were passed to MPICH2 during configuration

3. What process manager are you using?

4. What command line did you use to launch the process manager?

5. What command line did you use to launch the program?

6. Anything other information we should probably know about in your 
cluster, e.g., what OS, is there a firewall between the nodes, etc.

  -- Pavan

On 04/09/2008 09:49 PM, Gib Bogle wrote:
> My mpich-2 program seems to run correctly, but when it tries to execute 
> MPI_Finalize() it gives a range of error messages, all apparently 
> related to closing the socket connections.  Typical messages are:
> unable to read the cmd header on the pmi context, socket connection closed
> shutdown failed, sock ####, error 10093
> closesocket failed, sock ####, error 10093
> So far I haven't seen any bad consequences from these errors, but they 
> are disconcerting.  Should I care?  Is there something I can do?
> Gib

Pavan Balaji

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