[mpich-discuss] Getting MPICH2 to find/use g95 fortran

PattiMichelle miche1 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 6 14:08:13 CDT 2008

Hello Everyone :-)
I have installed g95 on my SuSE 10.2 x86_64 dual core system and want to
use MPICH2 to compile a certain parallel-enabled fortran code.  I looked
at the MPICH2 configure script file(s) and noticed entries for g95, so
as long as I build the code from source (rather than installing from an
.rpm file), then it should detect g95, correct?  I'm not sure *how* it
actually detects it because g95 can be installed pretty much anywhere
according to the g95 docs.  I have set (in bashrc):

alias f77=g95
alias f90=g95

...and it seems to work...

patti at PattiDesktop:~> f77
g95: no input files
patti at PattiDesktop:~> f90
g95: no input files
patti at PattiDesktop:~>

...and have removed gfortran so the only fortran on my system *should*
be g95...  I would appreciate a comment or three as to whether or not I
need to set anything else before running configure / make / make install
on the MPICH2 source.

PattiMichelle Sheaffer

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