[MPICH] who own(s) the copy right of MPICH2 ?

chong tan chong_guan_tan at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 16:11:07 CDT 2007

I am in the final stage of productizing a code using MPICH for communication.
My Legal department gives me 6 pages of message/acknowledgement/obligation-to-use
message to be displayed when my code runs, plus 10 pages or more ack/leg messages
to be included/reproduced with the help/doc/training.  

I look at the list of copyrights owners, they are
- University of Chicago
- Argonne National Lab
- University Notre Dame
- The Ohio State University
- The trustee of Indianna University
- Clemson Univerity
- University of Mississipi
- University of Chicago, Ohio Supercomputer Center
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- SUN micro System 

there is one particular message, for Trustees of Indiana University, Norte Dame University and Ohio State University, I think is on LAM/MPI:

"This product includes software developed at the Ohio Supercomputer Center at The Ohio State University, the University of Notre Dame and the Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University with original ideas contributed from Cornell University. For technical information contact Andrew Lumsdaine at the Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University.  For administrative and license questions contact the Advanced Research and Technology Institute at 351 West 10th St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46202, phone 317-274-5905, fax 317-274-5902."

I just want to ask those with the inside connection: Who should I cite as the copyright owner of MPICH2 in my software ?   I don't build MPICH with LAM, should I still ack the copyright owners of  LAM/MPI ?



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