Scott Atchley atchley at myri.com
Fri Aug 17 13:10:41 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to run WRF2.1 using MPICH2's ch3:ssm over gigabit  
Ethernet. When I start the job, I get:

[cli_0]: aborting job:
Fatal error in MPI_Comm_size: Invalid communicator, error stack:
MPI_Comm_size(112): MPI_Comm_size(comm=0x5b, size=0x7fff18349588) failed
MPI_Comm_size(70).: Invalid communicator

for each process. I have compiled MPICH2 and WRF with PGI 6.2.6 and  
7.0.7 with the same results. If I run it with -gdb, there are no  
symbols and I cannot debug. I tried compiling MPICH2 with --enable- 
g=all and then running it with -gdb, but it hangs and never gives me  
a gdb command line.

Does anyone have experience with this?



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