[MPICH] MPE2 build not churning out correctly under Solaris 8

Anthony Chan chan at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 2 15:12:45 CDT 2007

mpe2's mpecc/mpefc are built only when mpe2 is built standalone
with other MPI implementations(after the fact).  The mpecc/mpefc
functionality are being provided by mpicc/mpicxx/mpif77/mpif90
in mpich2, e.g.

"mpiXX -mpe=mpilog" == "mpeXX -mpilog"
   ^                      ^


On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Bill Stivers wrote:

> Hey all-
> I'm trying to fix up a build of mpich2 1.0.5p4 for one of our
> instructors here who's going to be reading this, but it's being ill-
> behaved.  It doesn't look like the mpich2 makefile is adequately
> passing information to the mpe2 subconfigure, and the mpecc bundles
> and so forth aren't getting built.  Any known gotchas on Solaris in
> this case?  Do I need to use the information provided in the mpe faq
> to manually build mpe2 after the fact?  I'm suspecting some bash
> incompatibility on some level- I'm using gmake at the least to
> minimize potential problems there.  Any clues I'd be happy to take.
> --Bill
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> Bill Stivers
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> University of California at Santa Cruz
> stiversb at ucsc.edu
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