[MPICH] MPE2 build not churning out correctly under Solaris 8

Bill Stivers stiversb at ucsc.edu
Thu Aug 2 14:01:04 CDT 2007

Hey all-

I'm trying to fix up a build of mpich2 1.0.5p4 for one of our  
instructors here who's going to be reading this, but it's being ill- 
behaved.  It doesn't look like the mpich2 makefile is adequately  
passing information to the mpe2 subconfigure, and the mpecc bundles  
and so forth aren't getting built.  Any known gotchas on Solaris in  
this case?  Do I need to use the information provided in the mpe faq  
to manually build mpe2 after the fact?  I'm suspecting some bash  
incompatibility on some level- I'm using gmake at the least to  
minimize potential problems there.  Any clues I'd be happy to take.


Bill Stivers
IC Unix Lab and Systems Administrator
University of California at Santa Cruz
stiversb at ucsc.edu
v) 831-459-2472
f) 831-459-2914

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