[MPICH] MPICH_PORT_RANGE environment variable

Martin Schwinzerl martin.schwinzerl at stud.uni-graz.at
Wed Jul 5 08:48:33 CDT 2006

Dear all,

I've still problems / open questions regarding the usage of the 
and would be very thankful if somebody here could again try to help me :

As discussed earlier 
I've so far not succeeded to limit the port range of mpd et al by 
storing the desired port range into an env. variable
(cf example below).

my open questions :

Since Ralph Butler was able to use the mpd sucessfully with the 
I would like to ask, if this was achieved using the developer version 
from CVS, or the "public" version 1.0.3 ?

Is the MPICH_PORT_RANGE variable sensitive to other enviroment variables 
or other enviromental influences, so that there might be an interference ?

example :

mas at thph037214:~> export MPICH_PORT_RANGE=8100:8200
mas at thph037214:~> echo $MPICH_PORT_RANGE
mas at thph037214:~> mpd --echo &
[1] 31058
mas at thph037214:~> 1047

mas at thph037214:~> mpdallexit
[1]+  Done                    mpd --echo

System information :

mpich2-1.0.3 , Compiled with Intel's icc 9.0 or gcc 4.x (aboves example
is reproducible with both of them), compiled with f77,f90 and c++ bindings,
python 2.4.1,  network consists at the moment for testing purposes of two
OpenSuSE 10.1 powered 32 Bit Pentium4 class computers.

Many thanks in advance !

 Best regards

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