[MPICH] MPICH2 Questions: Read input files from current directory and output control

Yusong Wang ywang25 at aps.anl.gov
Thu Apr 20 11:23:06 CDT 2006


I am trying to run my program with MPICH2 under MPD environment. The cpi
example went well. I have two questions for my own examples:

1) There is another file (FFTB.lte, in the current directory), which is
given in run_p.ele. How can mpiexec find it without giving the path
explicitly in the run_p.ele? (I am dealing with more than a hundred of
these kind of examples, it will be convenient if mpiexec can find the
file itself.) It seems to me that the -wdir can only find the binary
file instead of other text input files.

[ywang25 at weed23 FFTB1]$ mpiexec -machinefile ./myMachines -np 4 -wdir
`pwd` $ebin/Pelegant `pwd`/run_p.ele

Unable to find file FFTB.lte

2) The output from all the slave processes are printed out, although I
have redirected them to "/dev/null".

I don't have any problem with the mpirun of MPICH1. Those are something
I need to solve before I can run my program with MPICH2.

Thanks for your help.


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