[MPICH] MPICH2 with samba

Huigang Chen huigang_chen at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 13:00:29 CDT 2006

Hi, everyone,

I am currently testing MATLAB Distributed Computing Toolbox which has an option of using MPICH2 for job scheduler. In my setting MATLAB uses mpiexec to request processes at a Linux host and the Linux host runs smpd as a process manager. 

As required by MATLAB, the Linux box has to have access to a network shared directory for each user, which resides in another Windows machine, during the time when the Distributed Computing Toolbox is run. For some reason I want to dynamically create the mapping by using samba. This means that the shared directory does not exist at the Linux box until the user starts the request by mpiexec. I am trying to use pam_mount to do it automatically but I do not know how to configure it for mpiexec and which host authentication method mpiexec/smpd is using to access the host. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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