[hpc-announce] Call for Participation: AI4Sys @ HPDC (FCRC) June 20

Lofstead, Gerald F II gflofst at sandia.gov
Thu Jun 15 16:39:47 CDT 2023

Call for Participation for the AI4Sys workshop held with HPDC at the FCRC event in Orlando, FL.


Our keynote speaker is Devesh Tiwari offering a talk entitled:
Lessons from applying AI for large-scale computer system optimization problems

Traditionally, we have assumed that large-scale computing users are fairly boring and that their workloads often do similar things repetitively. Their "boring" nature has served us well so far - we could design "boring" systems and get away with it. But, now things are changing and changing fast. Our workloads and users are becoming interesting and, often, are surprising us with new trends and behavior. That means it is springing excitement into our lives. We need to design interesting solutions and come out of our boredom. The race to apply AI/ML methods is faster than ever. In this talk, I'll discuss a few lessons I learned as we applied AI/ML methods to computer systems resource management problems.

We also will have 3 research paper presentations and an open discussion panel with the speakers.

Jay Lofstead and Jai Dayal

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