[hpc-announce] Sustainable Tools Ecosystem Project (STEP) Survey to Understand The HPC Tools Ecosystem

Jones, Terry trjones at ornl.gov
Fri Jul 21 11:42:52 CDT 2023

The collection of tools and utilities for analyzing and optimizing application performance, identifying correctness problems, and debugging hold an essential role in the success of advanced scientific computing research. Yet many core components of the tool ecosystem are at risk with the sunset of the Exascale Computing Project. Indeed, we face an important transition point for the entire High Performance Computing (HPC) Tools ecosystem. STEP is a new DOE/ASCR funded activity that seeks to understand the capabilities and opportunities of the HPC Tools community and find ways to sustain and improve the Tools ecosystem going forward. More information about STEP is available on our website: https://ascr-step.org
One of the key goals of STEP is to understand the current state of the Tools Ecosystem. We have developed two brief surveys (less than 10 minutes) – one for users of HPC tools and one for developers of HPC tools. Please give us your insights via the survey that best fits you. Thank you.

* Survey for users of HPC tools:  https://ascr-step.org/survey-stakeholder/

* Survey for HPC tools developers: https://ascr-step.org/survey-developer/

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