[hpc-announce] Call for Pre-proposals to host the IEEE Cluster 2026 Conference

Taufer, Michela mtaufer at utk.edu
Sun Jan 29 07:56:53 CST 2023

Call for Pre-proposals to host the IEEE Cluster 2026 Conference.

Dear Colleagues,

IEEE Cluster is a highly successful conference series that has been ongoing for 25 years.  With this email, we invite pre-proposals to host IEEE Cluster 2026.

As per IEEE Cluster’s traditional US-Europe-US-Asia rotation, we anticipate the selection of a bid from the US for Cluster 2026.  However, this rotation is not a strict requirement, so proposals from other locations will also be considered without bias.  We are particularly interested in places that do not fall under the traditional US-Europe-US-Asia model: Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pre-proposals are simple two-slide decks.  The first slide introduces the location, and the second slide presents the key organizers (i.e., the General Chair(s) and the Program Chair(s)). For the selection process, the following are a subset of the steering committee’s considerations:

- Whether the location has been visited by IEEE Cluster recently.  New sites are encouraged, although older areas will also be considered if the conference was not held there recently.  The locations for the past editions of IEEE Cluster are available at http://clustercomp.org/

- Whether the location is reasonably favorable for travel for most of our attendees.  Sites with good flight connectivity and an excellent local presence of researchers working in Cluster computing are better suited for the conference.

- Whether the key organizing committee (i.e., the General Chair(s) and Program Chair(s)) has experience with organizing conferences and, in particular, with IEEE Cluster.  If you have been involved with IEEE Cluster in the past (e.g., as an attendee, through publications, as a volunteer PC member or chair), the proposal would be given higher priority.

Pre-proposals are due on March 30, 2023, and the first round of decisions will be made by May 1st, 2023.  For consideration, all pre-proposals should be sent to the steering committee chair, Michela Taufer (taufer at gmail.com).

The intent is to accept a single pre-proposal, which would then be invited to submit a full proposal (for example, pre-proposals and complete recommendations can be provided upon request).  However, the steering committee reserves the right to invite multiple pre-proposals to submit full proposals.

Full proposals must be presented in person at the steering committee meeting during IEEE Cluster 2023 (https://clustercomp.org/2023 — October 31 - Nov 3, Santa Fe, USA), after which a formal vote by the steering committee will decide if the proposal is accepted.

Thank you, and we look forward to your pre-proposals.


Michela Taufer,
IEEE Cluster Steering Committee Chair
(on behalf of the IEEE Cluster Steering Committee)

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