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Loiseau, Julien jloiseau at lanl.gov
Tue Jan 3 10:38:20 CST 2023

Good morning and happy new year!

I am Julien Loiseau from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
I would like to do a post about our Co-Design Summer School.
This is the first time I want to publish on the list.
Let me know if I am missing anything.

The information for the post:



LANLCoD 2023 Summer School

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA.

10 weeks between May to August.



Organized by CCS-7, Co-Design group, at LANL.
Contacts: jloiseau at lanl.gov and hyunlim at lanl.gov


Early registration: January 6, 2023


SCOPE:  Simulation of burn front type Ia supernova at scale

The goal for the 2023 Co-Design Summer School will be to simulate the burn front of Type Ia supernovae at a large scale platform like Venado, Crossroads or El Capitan. The team of students will have to tackle several topics in a Co-Design manner to reach this goal. The computer scientists, applied mathematicians and physicists will work together in Co-Design to add the support for reaction network, efficient load balancing, optimize the code and check the convergence properties. As a foundation, the students will use Parthenon-Hydro which is based on Parthenon. Parthenon is a performance portable block-structured adaptive mesh refinement framework. It adopts Kokkos programming model which allows developers to write performance portable applications targeting all major HPC platforms. The Parthenon code will provide a new feature, Sparsity on the Block, which will allow the representation of hollow regions of the domain without allocating memory. This feature coupled with the expertise and optimizations on the Nvidia H100 architecture will be the key to reach performances for the burn front simulations at scale.


Graduate students, Ph.D. students in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Astrophysics.


LANL Co-Design 2023 Summer School will take place at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, with a sunny climate throughout the year.
Few hours from the main USA National Parks of Grand Canyons, Zion or Arches, the laboratory is ideally located to discover and visit the south-west of USA.


The Los Alamos National Laboratory Co-Design Summer School was created to train future scientists to work on the kinds of interdisciplinary teams that are demanded by today’s scientific challenges. Launched in 2011, the summer school recruits top candidates in a range of fields spanning domain sciences, applied mathematics, computational and computer sciences, and computer architecture. Participants work together to solve a focused problem that is designed to build the skills needed to tackle the grand challenges of the future. Foremost among the skills on which we focus is the ability of students to work across disciplines with other team members, while employing their own unique expertise. This is the heart of Co-Design.

Co-Design is the social and technical equivalent of a multiple-constraint optimization problem. The rapid evolution of computing architectures and the expanding space between specializations in domain science and computer architecture means that it is virtually impossible for a single individual to cover all of the skills needed to solve current-day computational science challenges. Co-Design bridges this space through interactions between members of an interdisciplinary team. With the right amount of overlap, team members can communicate with each other effectively to solve a problem.


All the information for application and the form can be found at: https://lanl.github.io/cdss/apply.html<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://lanl.github.io/cdss/apply.html__;!!Bt8fGhp8LhKGRg!Dw7g7Pvn671YmOlEEUrn3iy5FApLSN04CwyerJGmRXxoYTkODw24m9lhRd20jZxeNF79Zcr-6BHKlrzFtXhUXPOURg$>


10 week salary of $9-15K (based on education and experience)
LANL will handle VISA (J1) for international students for the duration of the school.

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