[hpc-announce] MDPI Sensors - Special issue on Anomaly Detection and Monitoring for Networks and IoT Systems

Jinoh Kim Jinoh.Kim at tamuc.edu
Fri Feb 17 12:15:08 CST 2023

Call for submission
MDPI Sensors - Special issue on Anomaly Detection and Monitoring for Networks and IoT Systems

Submission deadline: March 31, 2023
Submission through: mdpi.com/journal/sensors

It is essential to detect anomalous activities for securing networks and Internet of Things (IoT) systems with ever-increasing connectivity and malicious groups exploiting various vulnerabilities. There exist many critical challenges for realizing effective monitoring and detection in networks and IoT systems, including detection performance, scalability, quantitative modeling, streaming data support, energy efficiency, communication capabilities, and so forth. It is also necessary to provide a rich set of functions for supporting the monitoring process; for example, new logging and measurement techniques may need to be defined in the future with the latest development in communications and storage/archival technologies. In addition, there can be system-/application-specific challenges, which need to be addressed to meet their requirements for the monitoring and detection components.

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight the variety of impactful methods and tools designed for fulfulling monitoring and detection functions, as well as to encourage the research community to advance the relevant technologies. We seek contributions with statistical, machine/deep learning, and other data-driven approaches, especially those demonstrating the significant impact of state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies.

- Anomaly detection and monitoring
- Network/system measurement
- Machine/deep learning
- IoT systems
- Security and reliability

Guest editors:
Jinoh Kim, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Alex Sim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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