[hpc-announce] Eurosys 2023 shadow PC: Call for participation

Boris Koldehofe boris.koldehofe at kom.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Sep 7 08:52:18 CDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

please find enclosed a call for participation for the Eurosys 2023 
shadow PC which is especially targeted at young systems researchers (PhD 
students, postdocs, and new faculty members).
Do not hesitate to forward the call to suitable candidates in your 
research teams.

Best regards
Boris Koldehofe and Valerio Schiavoni

Eurosys 2023 shadow PC: Call for participation

Quick links
Submission website:https://eurosys23shadowpc-apps.hotcrp.com
Deadline to apply:  12 October 2022

Eurosys is organizing a shadow program committee for the EuroSys 2023 conference under the sponsorship of EuroSys. If you are interested in participating, please apply online at
https://eurosys23shadowpc-apps.hotcrp.com  before 12 October 2022 AoE.
You will be requested to complete the application form, and attach your CV. Please also get in touch if you have any questions atshadow-2023 at eurosys.org.

Why join a shadow PC?
Serving on a shadow PC is an excellent opportunity for young systems researchers (PhD students, postdocs, and new faculty members) to gain experience in community service, i.e., program committee practices.
Serving as a member of a shadow PC is a lot of work. But, besides the recognition of being selected, it is also worthwhile for a number of reasons, including:
* Getting to know how an academic PC is run and how it operates;
* Seeing how more experienced reviewers judge the same papers that you review;
* Getting to see both strong and weak papers at the submission stage;
* Discovering what it takes to publish a paper in a highly selective conference, such as EuroSys;
* Having a chance to read top-notch papers in your area of expertise before they are published;
* Getting to know other young researchers who are also selected to the shadow PC.

How does the shadow PC work?
Shadow PC members must commit themselves to writing their own detailed and rigorous reviews for papers assigned to them by the allotted deadlines. This timely review commitment is essential to the good functioning of the Shadow PC. Candidates who might be unable to fulfill their reviewing duties should refrain from applying. We expect a review load of 10-15 papers per member in one review round. Members will not be expected to take part in a rebuttal stage. Shadow PC members are also expected to attend at least a one-day online shadow PC meeting (more days if the number of submissions is particularly higher than expected). Shadow PC members will be required to comply with ethical code of conduct.

How to become a shadow PC member
You will need to submit your application via the Eurosys Shadow PC submission site:
You will need to complete the submission form and attach in form of a single pdf following information:
* Short motivation letter (not more than 300 words);
* Your CV;
* In case you are a PhD student, please also provide a short support statement from your supervisor/advisor.
With your submission you will commit to the principles and standards of ethical conduct of research integrity as for example stated by the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.
For any further information, please contact the shadow PC chairs:shadow-2023 at eurosys.org:
* Boris Koldehofe (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
* Valerio Schiavoni (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Important dates (shadow PC)
* Deadline to apply for Shadow PC: 12 October 2022
* Notifications of acceptance into the Shadow PC: 19 October 2022
* Reviews will be organized in two rounds, roughly 4 weeks per round
* Online discussions: 7 January – 10 January 2023
* Online shadow PC meeting: 11-12 January 2023
* Shadow notifications sent to authors: not before January 18, 2023
* Main conference program: 9-12 May 2023
All deadline times are 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth).

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