[hpc-announce] CFP for the 5th International Workshop on Emerging Parallel Distributed Runtime Systems and Middleware IPDRM 2022.

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*** IPDRM 2022 - CALL FOR PAPERS ***

5th International Workshop on Emerging Parallel Distributed Runtime
Systems and Middleware IPDRM 2022.

Collocated with SC22

Friday, November 18, 2022. Dallas, TX, USA


The International Workshop on Emerging Parallel Distributed Runtime
Systems and Middleware (IPDRM) is the annual workshop focused on novel
and disruptive ideas in parallel, distributed and heterogeneous
runtime systems. Ever since the creation of this workshop in 2017, we
have been attracting researchers from academia and industry, with
non-conventional contributions to different fields, including, but not
limited to dataflow, MPI based communication and scheduling, and
hardware/software co-design. We encourage the participation of any
original manuscript that highlights middleware for novel accelerators
and appliances, network utilization, and IO.

This year’s version will be held in Dallas, TX, as part of the
Supercomputing SC22 conference.

====== BACKGROUND ======

Node architectures of extreme-scale systems continue to increase in
complexity particularly as we reach the end of Moore’s law. Emerging
heterogeneous designs require efficient runtime s ystems and
middleware to navigate the challenges posed by the increasingly
complex accelerator and memory landscape. Today’s runtimes and
middleware must connect programmers with massive multi-level
parallelism, deep memory hierarchies, specialized functional units,
distributed networks, and tiered IO. Such software is required to
balance the sometimes disparate needs of resource utilization, data
movement, memory consistency, energy consumption, and resilience. This
workshop aims to attract the international research community to share
new and bold ideas that will address the challenges of design,
implementation, and evaluation of future runtime systems and

====== TOPICS ======

This workshop will emphasize novel, disruptive research ideas over
incremental advances. We will solicit papers on topics including, but
not limited to, the following areas:

Runtime System/Middleware Techniques, Design, and Evaluation

- Runtime/middleware for exascale/large scale computing

- Runtime/middleware for accelerators or appliances

- Network and IO middleware technology

- Modeling and performance analysis of runtime systems

- Interactions between runtime systems and middleware

- Runtime-architecture co-design

- Tuning and optimization studies

- Workflow/application-centric challenges and solutions for runtime systems

Constraints and Issues for Runtime Systems and Middleware

- Heterogeneous resource management

- Data movement

- Memory models

- Scalability

- Energy- and power-aware schemes

- Fault tolerance and reliability

Design Principles and Programming Support

- High-level programming models (e.g., thread and task-based models,
data parallel models, and stream programming) and domain-specific

- Programming frameworks, parallel programming, and design methodologies

- Methodologies and tools for runtime and middleware design,
implementation, verification, and evaluation


- Paper submissions should not exceed 8 single-spaced pages (including
references, figures and tables) using 12-point font on 8 1/2x11-inch

- Papers can take the form of research papers, experience reports, or
surveys/comparisons of runtime systems and middleware.

- Paper submissions should follow IEEE Proceedings Template. For
guidelines, please refer to the format description in
https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html. Changes to
the template (e.g., margin, font size) could lead to automatic

- Manuscripts must be submitted via the Linklings submission portal

- Submissions will be judged on correctness, originality, technical
strength, significance, presentation quality, and appropriateness.
Submissions should represent original research results and cannot
already be under review or accepted for publication in another venue.

We will follow a double-blinded review process. Therefore, submissions
should not reveal the identity of the authors or any additional
information that may lead to their disclosure (e.g. author names,
affiliations, and acknowledgments or references to other work by any
of the authors). If you have any further questions about double-blind
reviewing please contact the Program Chairs by email.

All accepted papers that are presented at the conference will be
published in the IEEE Library. Accepted papers will also need to
follow the conference registration policy to be included in the
conference proceedings.

At least one author of an accepted paper must register for and present
the paper at the workshop (in-person live, remote live or pre-recorded
video): (https://sc22.supercomputing.org/submit/in-person-presentations).


* Paper Submission: August 5, 2022

* Author Notification: September 9, 2022

* Final paper due: October 10, 2022

====== SUBMISSION LINK ======

Please visit to make paper submissions.

====== CONTACT ======

Please feel free to contact the IPDRM 2022 Program Committee at
Joshua.Suetterlein at pnnl.gov


General Chairs:    Barbara Chapman, HPE

                   Shuaiwen Leon Song, University of Sydney

                   Shirley Moore, University of Texas at El Paso

                   Eun Jung Park, Qualcomm

                   Joshua Suetterlein, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Program Chair: Jiajia Li, William and Mary

Publicity Chair: Jose Monsalve Diaz, Argonne National Laboratory

Publication Chair: Siddhisanket Raskar, Argonne National Laboratory

Diversity Chair:   Joseph Manzano, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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