[hpc-announce] EXTENDED DEADLINE CFP: Minisymposium on HPC Interval Methods, jointly with PPAM 2022

Roman Wyrzykowski roman at icis.pcz.pl
Thu May 5 11:47:53 CDT 2022

****                       CALL FOR PAPERS                       ****
****                                                             ****
****                       Minisymposim on                       ****
****         High Performance Computing Interval Methods         ****
****                                                             ****
****                        jointly with                         ****
****              14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on               ****
****                                                             ****
****            GDANSK, POLAND - SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2022           ****

The submission deadline has been extended to May 20 !!!

Two major measures of the quality of high performance computations are 
numerical accuracy and efficiency. Interval methods are a class of
algorithms that are accurate and even allow to obtain a guaranteed result.
They also provide a useful and appropriate tool to describe the
uncertainty of parameters, discretization inaccuracy and numerical errors.
Nevertheless, they are usually time consuming and memory demanding. Hence,
all attempts to increase their efficiency are required and valuable:
parallel implementations, use of new data structures, improved algorithms.
The Minisymposium is going to provide a forum for interval researchers to
share their experiences and present possible improvements to the
algorithms and successful applications.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
* parallelization of interval methods, in particular on multi-core
   architectures, supercomputers, grids or clouds
* use of GPU computing and hybrid architectures for interval analysis
* use of BLAS, LAPACK, novel data formats and data structures for
   interval computations
* auto-tuning of interval algorithms
* global optimization/equations solving methods
* linear systems with interval parameters
* ordinary and partial differential equations
* fuzzy numbers and fuzzy calculus
* practical applications of interval scientific computing algorithms,
   including machine learning ones

All rules of the PPAM 2022 Conference apply, including the deadlines, required 
format of the abstracts/papers, and their submission via the EasyChair system 
of PPAM.

Persons responsible for the Minisymposium organization (in alphabetic order):
* Milan Hladik         Charles University, Czech Republic
* Vladik Kreinovich    University of Texas at El Paso, USA
* Bartłomiej J. Kubica  Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
* Nathalie Revol       Inria, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
* Iwona Skalna         AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Please, send all your questions to Bartłomiej Jacek Kubica
-- the preferred address is: bartlomiej.jacek.kubica at gmail.com

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