[hpc-announce] Invitation to contribute to SIAM/Supercomputing initiatives for HPC

Rio Yokota rioyokota at gsic.titech.ac.jp
Wed May 4 07:51:28 CDT 2022

Dear HPC Fans, 

Have you heard about the new initiatives of the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing (SIAG/SC)?  Our focus is raising awareness of HPC opportunities, growing the community, and preparing the next generation of young HPC scholars.  We invite you to get involved!
To kick start these initiatives, we will host three virtual sessions open to everyone, spanning various time zones. Each session will begin with a 10-minute lightning talk by a leader in the HPC community. We will then introduce our SIAG/SC initiatives and invite attendees to discuss feedback, next steps, and how you can help.

Please choose a session that is most convenient for your time zone:
	• May 12: Africa/Asia/Europe timeslot: 
		• 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 8 am UTC / 10 am Central Europe / 5 pm Japan
		• Lightning speaker: Sadaf Alam, Supercomputing, Cloud and Edge Security Models Convergence using APIs and Container Technologies
		• Session A: Zoom registration: https://exascaleproject.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJIscemoqzkvHuTWPt2BwvuVA6dgmSYTpew
	• May 12: US/Americas/Europe timeslot: 
		• 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 4 pm UTC / 6 pm Central Europe  / 1 am Japan
		• Lightning speaker: Hatem Ltaief, Meeting the Computational Challenges of Giant Optical Telescopes' Real-time Control
		• Session B: Zoom registration: https://exascaleproject.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJItce-qrT8pHbvMrbupH_cbWBcpVQ1Qpuc
	• May 12/13: US/Americas/Asia timeslot:
		• May 12: 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET 
		• May 13: 12 am UTC / 2 am Central Europe / 9 am Japan
		• Lightning speaker: Anshu Dubey, Software as an Instrument of Science
		• Session C: Zoom registration: https://exascaleproject.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJItd-Guqz4tG_7XrBh6svJljH9MWazNe1w

Register (and also attend a session!) to get a chance to win a unique SIAG/SC T-shirt!

Please join us!

The SIAG/SC officers for 2022-2023
Lois Curfman McInnes (chair, email: <curfman at anl.gov>)
Hatem Ltaief (vice chair, email: <hatem.ltaief at kaust.edu.sa>)
Michael Bader (program director, email: <bader at in.tum.de>)
Rio Yokota (secretary, email: <rioyokota at gsic.titech.ac.jp>)  

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