[hpc-announce] APLAS 2022 Call for Papers

Andreea Costea andreeac at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Jun 7 06:30:48 CDT 2022

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

20th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS 2022)

                      Dec 5-Dec 22, 2022
       Auckland, New Zealand (co-located with SPLASH 2022)


        Paper Submission Deadline: June 16, 2022, AoE

APLAS aims to stimulate programming language research by providing a 
forum for
the presentation of latest results and the exchange of ideas in 
languages and systems. APLAS is based in Asia but is an international 
forum that
serves the worldwide programming languages community.

We solicit submissions in the form of regular research papers describing
original scientific research results, including system development and 
studies. Among others, solicited topics include:

* programming paradigms and styles: functional programming; 
   programming; probabilistic programming; logic programming; constraint
   programming; extensible programming languages; programming languages 
for systems
   code; novel programming paradigms;

* methods and tools to specify and reason about programs and languages:
   programming techniques; meta-programming; domain-specific languages; 
   assistants; type systems; dependent types; program logics, static and 
   program analysis; language-based security; model checking; testing;

* programming language foundations: formal semantics; type theory; 
   foundations; category theory; automata; effects; monads and comonads; 
   and corecursion; continuations and effect handlers; program 
verification; memory
   models; abstract interpretation;

* methods and tools for implementation: compilers; program 
   rewriting systems; partial evaluation; virtual machines; refactoring;
   intermediate languages; run-time environments; garbage collection and 
   management; tracing; profiling; build systems; program synthesis;

* concurrency and distribution: process algebras; concurrency theory; 
   types; parallel programming; service-oriented computing; distributed 
and mobile
   computing; actor-based languages; verification and testing of 
concurrent and
   distributed systems;

* applications and emerging topics: programming languages and PL methods 
   education, security, privacy, database systems, computational biology, 
   processing, graphics, human-computer interaction, computer-aided 
   artificial intelligence and machine learning; case studies in program 
   and verification.

Submissions should not exceed 17 pages, excluding bibliography in the 
LNCS format. The accepted papers will be allowed to use one extra page 
for the
content to accommodate feedback from the reviews in the final paper 
The review process of APLAS 2022 is double-anonymous, with a rebuttal 

APLAS 2022 will have post-paper-acceptance voluntary artefact evaluation 
(new in
2022!). Authors of accepted will be welcome to submit artefacts for 
after paper notification. The outcome will not alter the paper 

Submit your paper at


Call for AEC nominations:


Important Dates:

* Paper Submission Deadline: 16 Jun 2022, AoE
* Author Response Period: Mon 1 - Wed 3 Aug 2022
* Author Notification: 15 Aug 2022

Programme Committee:

Anders Miltner, UT Austin
Andrzej S. Murawski, University of Oxford
Anton Podkopaev, Higher School of Economics
Aquinas Hobor, University College London
Arie Gurfinkel, University of Waterloo
Beniamino Accattoli, Inria
Casper Bach Poulsen, Delft University of Technology
Elena Zucca, University of Genova
Eric Koskinen, Stevens Institute of Technology
Farzaneh Derakhshan, Carnegie Mellon University
Ilya Sergey, National University of Singapore (PC Chair)
Isao Sasano, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Jan de Muijnck-Hughes, University of Glasgow
Jihyeok Park, Oracle Labs
Marco Gaboardi, Boston University
Marco Patrignani, University of Trento
Meenakshi D'Souza, IIIT Bangalore
Nengkun Yu, University of Technology Sydney
Ondrej Lengál, Brno University of Technology
Pierre-Marie Pédrot, Inria
Rumyana Neykova, Brunel University London
‪Shachar Itzhaky‬, Technion
Thi Thu Ha Doan, University of Freiburg
Umang Mathur, National University of Singapore
Xuan Bach Le, Singapore Management University
Youyou Cong, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Zhenjiang Hu, Peking University

Artefact Evaluation Committee Co-Chairs:

Arpita Dutta, National University of Singapore
Jan de Muijnck-Hughes, University of Glasgow

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