[hpc-announce] Extended Deadline - 4th International Workshop on Self-Protecting Systems (SPS22) - Call for Papers

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Sat Jul 9 13:43:16 CDT 2022

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*** SPS 2022 - Call For Papers ***
4th International Workshop on Self-Protecting Systems, co-located with the 3rd IEEE International Conference on autonomic Computing and Self-Organizing Systems Workshop date: TBA - Online Conference dates: 19-23 September 2022 - Online Web site: https://sites.google.com/view/sps22workshop
Journal Special Issue: TBA

*** Important Dates ***
July 15th, 2022: paper submission deadline
July 29th, 2022: author notification
August 5th, 2022: camera-ready paper

*** Publication ***
Accepted papers will be included in the ACSOS 2022 Companion Volume published by IEEE Computer Society Press and made available as a part of the IEEE Digital Library.  Papers must thus be in the same format as the conference proceedings and may not be more than 6 pages in length.
The organizing committee is currently working on identifying a journal for a special issue, to which the authors of the most promising papers will be invited to contribute.

*** Full Call for Papers ***
Modern computer systems are large and heterogeneous. Their complexity is hardly manageable by a human being, especially when it comes to take timely decisions to protect them from an ongoing cyber-attack. In the last decade, the research community has explored the field of cyber-defense from several points of view, which range, among the others, from static analysis of the code and dynamic analysis of the behavior of the executables, to the design of algorithms for intrusion detection. Intrusion response is another important field that has started to receive attention in the last 5 years.
However, despite the advancements in each of the aforementioned fields, the vision of an autonomic self-protecting system is still far from being realized. Indeed, automatically defending a computer system at run-time encompasses a large number of complex activities, that range from data capture, management and analysis, to automated decision making and automated systems operations. 
In this workshop, we solicit high quality contributions that fit with the overarching idea of creating a fully automated protection system. The aim of the workshop is to share new findings, exchange ideas and discuss research challenges on the following topics (not an exhaustive list):
-   Big Data collection, processing, integration, generation, and analysis for self-protecting systems
-   Intrusion Detection, either signature-based or anomaly-based
-   Off-line static code-analysis and behavioral analysis of executables
-   Cyber-Deception: approaches, analysis, honeypots, metrics, moving target defense
-   Digital Twins for self-protecting systems
-   Cyber-Ranges design and realization
-   Intrusion Response and systems modeling
-   Risk Management frameworks and actor modeling
-   Software engineering for self-protecting systems
-   Artificial Intelligence applied to self-protecting systems
-   Machine Learning applied to self-protecting systems
-   Software-defined self-protecting systems
-   Frameworks for the integration of self-protecting systems
-   Performance management and evaluation of self-protecting systems
-   Evaluation of implementations based on cutting edge technologies
Furthermore, we solicit submissions that examine the self-protection problem from a holistic perspective that is, that consider the overall picture and propose novel software architectures, frameworks and technologies to ease the realization of self-protecting systems.

Valeria Cardellini and Stefano Iannucci
SPS 2022 Workshop Organizers

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