[hpc-announce] Call for participation: Interactive supercomputing for urgent decisions in crisis situation workshop

Nick Brown n.brown at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Mon Feb 21 09:44:34 CST 2022

                           CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

     Interactive supercomputing for urgent decisions in crisis situation

                             Virtual workshop


When: Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th February


Responding to disasters such as COVID-19, wildfires, hurricanes, extreme
flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, and accidents; technological advances
are creating exciting new opportunities that have the potential to move
HPC well beyond traditional computational workloads. Whilst HPC has a
long history of simulating disasters, what’s missing to support
emergency, urgent, decision making is fast, real-time acquisition of
data and the ability to guarantee time constraints.

The VESTEC project has been developing a software solution for enabling
urgent decisions, supported by latest generation HPC and techniques, to
be made by front-line responders. This is done on the basis of data
records that are collected and evaluated in real time on supercomputers,
making it possible to combine multiple data sources and efficiently
extract essential functions. Thanks to interactive supercomputing,
flexible and location-dependent planning is always possible and
time-critical phenomena can be accurately depicted by means of 3D
visualizations of the evaluated data.

HPC is a critical enabler here if we can exploit future supercomputers
appropriately, and through a mix of keynote and technical talks, demos,
and a panel session, in this workshop we will be exploring the entire
technology stack that is required to empower emergency services to make
the correct decisions first time, every time.


Participation in the online workshop is open to all interested people
and free of charge. Please register by emailing vestec at dlr.de

Workshop Schedule

All times are Central Europen Time (CET)

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 (CET)

09:00 AM Welcome Notes / Introduction (Andreas Gerndt, DLR)
09:30 AM Keynote: Urgent Computing Integrated Services for Earthquakes
(Marta Pienkowska, ETH Zurich)
10:15 PM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Interactive Supercomputing – The VESTEC System and Worksflow
(Nick Brown, EPCC)
11:15 AM In-Situ Processing – Topology-based Data Analysis and
Compression (Pierre Guillou, Sorbonne University)
11:45 AM Interactive Data Visualization – Data Streaming and Uncertainty
Assessment (Markus Flatken, DLR-SC)
12:15 PM Lunch Break
01:15 PM Keynote: Wildfire Crises Management and Urgent Decision Making
(Raúl Quílez Moraga, Tecnosylva)
02:15 PM Coffee Break
02:30 PM ZKI – Center for Satellite based Crisis Information (Christian
Krullikowski, DLR-DFD)
03:00 PM Wildfire Decision Support: Requirements, Challenges, Solutions
(Miguel Mendes, Tecnosylva)
03:30 PM Live Demo: Wildfire (Miguel Mendes, Tecnosylva)
04:15 PM Closing (Day 1)

Thursday, February 24, 2022 (CET)

09:00 AM 2. Day Welcome Notes (Andreas Gerndt, DLR)
09:15 AM Keynote: Spread of Diseases – What did we learn from COVID-19
(Flavia Riccardo, Italian Higher Institute of Health)
10:15 PM Coffee Break
10:45 PM Mosquitos-borne Diseases – Simulation and Analysis (Girorgio
Guzzetta, Foundation Bruno Kessler)
11:15 AM Live Demo: Mosquitos-borne Diseases (Piero Poletti, Foundation
Bruno Kessler)
12:00 PM Lunch Break
01:00 PM Space Situational Awareness – Risks from Space (Stefano
Markidis, KTH)
01:30 PM iPIC3D – High-Resolution Space Weather Simulation  (Artur
Podobas, KTH)
02:00 PM Live Demo: Space Weather (Artur Podobas, KTH)
02:30 PM Break
03:00 PM Panel Discussion: Is UrgentHPC needed at all? With Steven
Gibbons (NGI, Norway), Stefano Markidis (KTH), Johannes Günther (Intel),
Nick Brown (EPCC)
04:00 PM Closing
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