[hpc-announce] Deadline Extended: First Combined International Workshop on Interactive Urgent Supercomputing

Rollin Thomas rcthomas at lbl.gov
Thu Aug 11 09:09:04 CDT 2022

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

                 First Combined International Workshop
                  on Interactive Urgent Supercomputing

                       In conjunction with SC22
           Monday, November 14, 2022, 8:30am - 12:00pm CST
        Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX, USA

                  Website: https://www.urgenthpc.com
                       Twitter: @interactivehpc

Submission deadline: 29th August 2022 (AoE, Final Extension)
Author notification: 9th September 2022
Camera ready: 30th September 2022 (AoE)
Workshop: Monday morning, 14th November 2022

[NOTE: SC22 is currently planning for this year's workshops to be held in
person. This will be updated as the COVID-19 situation progresses.]

Authors are invited to submit unpublished, original work, related to the
interactive and/or urgent use of high-performance computing (HPC) in two
categories, to be evaluated separately:

* Full research paper: Describing novel research, up to 10 pages.
* Hot topic paper: Less mature/late breaking results, up to 6 pages.

Accepted authors will be invited to speak at the workshop and to submit their
papers for publication in SC22 workshop proceedings. All submitted papers
will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published by the IEEE
Computer Society.

This workshop will bring together stakeholders, researchers, and practitioners
from across the HPC community who are working, or interested, in the fields of
interactive HPC and the use of supercomputing for urgent decision-making.
Success stories, case studies, and best practices will be shared across the
two themes with a view to enhancing the communities' activities and
identifying new opportunities for collaboration.  The challenges associated
with interactive and urgent HPC are difficult ones, and productively
supporting these capabilities requires a number of advances across a range of
technical, policy, and even sociological realms. While there are multiple
efforts to use HPC for disaster response, and progress has been made on
interactivity in HPC, the effort is largely disjointed, piecemeal, and done
on an institute-by-institute basis. With so much replication of effort, there
is significant value to be unlocked if the SC community can come together to
address the issues relevant to both interactive and urgent HPC.

Call for Papers
We invite you to submit both full and hot-topic research papers detailing
original work in the interactive use of HPC and/or the use of HPC for urgent
decision-making. Topics of interest for workshop submissions include, but are
not limited to:

* Example use-cases and case-studies that use HPC for interactivity
and/or urgent decision making
* Techniques for integrating HPC workflows with data driven approaches
* Approaches to verify and validate unreliable real-time data, for
instance from sensors, IoT, and satellites
* System design for data reduction and pre-processing at source, for
instance using edge computing and heterogeneous resources such as
* Implementation experiences and lessons learned by staff at HPC centers
* Algorithmic techniques to guarantee result generation in specific
time frames, such as result refinement which generates more accurate
results as time progresses
* Studies of leveraging HPC for workloads with real-time time constraints
* Changes to existing HPC technologies and policies that are required
to support using HPC interactively
* The ability for HPC codes to adapt their resource requirements
dynamically, for instance via elastic compute
* Visualization and presentation techniques to support rapid and
accurate urgent decision making by the end user
* Reduction and feature extraction of results to highlight critical
issues of interest
* Complimenting results with provenance data for additional context
and certainty
* Maintaining security while providing interactivity in supercomputing
* Strategies for leveraging interactivity for reproducible science
* Impact of increased interactivity on how HPC centers operate

Paper Submission Guidelines
Please submit full research papers (up to 10 pages) or hot-topic papers (up to
6 pages) via Linklings:


Further Information
Visit our website at https://www.urgenthpc.com for more detailed information
about this worksop, and feel free to contact the organizing committee directly
using contact details listed there.

Rollin Thomas
Data Science Engagement Group
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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