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ATMOS 2022

22nd Symposium on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, 
Optimization, and Systems (ATMOS)


The 22nd edition of the Symposium on Algorithmic Approaches for 
Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems (ATMOS) will be held 
on September 8--9, 2022, at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, 
Germany. As usual, ATMOS is part of ALGO, the major annual European 
event for researchers, students and practitioners in algorithms.

The conference will be in-person and will feature a keynote talk.



Early registration deadline: August 14, 2022



Speaker: Christian Sommer, Apple Inc.

Title: On Map Matching GPS Traces

Abstract: With the widespread availability of receivers for the Global 
Positioning System (GPS) in modern cars and smartphones came the rise of 
large databases of GPS traces. These are valuable sources for various 
applications like map construction, map refinement and correction, 
traffic estimation, travel time estimation, dynamic routing, and many more.

As a first step, GPS traces often get mapped to a road network via a 
non-trivial process called map matching. Given a GPS trace as a sequence 
of (latitude, longitude) pairs, possibly equipped with time stamps and 
auxiliary information, a map matching algorithm is expected to return a 
sequence of road segments (edges in the road network) that the input 
trace likely traversed.

In this talk we review problems and approaches around map matching GPS 
traces at scale.


* Irene Heinrich, Philine Schiewe and Constantin Seebach: Algorithms and 
Hardness for Non-Pool-Based Line Planning
* Ralf Borndörfer, Fabian Danecker and Martin Weiser: A 
Discrete-Continuous Algorithm for Globally Optimal Free Flight 
Trajectory Optimization
* Torsten Klug, Thomas Schlechte and Markus Reuther: Does Laziness Pay 
Off? – A Lazy-Constraint Approach to Timetabling
* Julian Patzner, Ralf Rückert and Matthias Müller-Hannemann: 
Passenger-Aware Real-Time Planning of Short Turns to Reduce Delays in 
Public Transport
* Hector Gatt, Jean-Marie Freche, Fabien Lehuédé and Arnaud Laurent: A 
bilevel model for the frequency setting problem
* Enrico Bortoletto, Niels Lindner and Berenike Masing: Tropical 
Neighbourhood Search: A New Heuristic for Periodic Timetabling
* Marco Blanco, Ralf Borndoerfer and Pedro Maristany de Las Casas: An A* 
Algorithm for Flight Planning based on Idealized Vertical Profiles
* Vera Grafe, Alexander Schiewe and Anita Schöbel: Delay Management with 
Integrated Decisions on the Vehicle Circulations
* Spyros Kontogiannis, Paraskevi-Maria-Malevi Machaira, Andreas 
Paraskevopoulos and Christos Zaroliagis: REX: A Realistic Time-dependent 
Model for Multimodal Public Transport
* Zuguang Gao, John R. Birge, Richard L.-Y. Chen and Maurice Cheung: 
Greedy Algorithms for the Freight Consolidation Problem
* Moritz Potthoff and Jonas Sauer: Efficient Algorithms for Fully 
Multimodal Journey Planning
* Rowan Hoogervorst, Evelien van der Hurk, Philine Schiewe, Anita 
Schöbel and Reena Urban: The Edge Investment Problem: Upgrading Transit 
Line Segments with Multiple Investing Parties
* Kosuke Kawazoe, Takuto Yamauchi and Kenji Tei: A formulation of MIP 
train rescheduling at terminals in bidirectional double-track lines with 
a moving block and ATO
* Lukas Graf, Tobias Harks and Prashant Palkar: Dynamic Traffic 
Assignment for Electric Vehicles

The detailed schedule will appear soon on the conference webpage 


The proceedings of ATMOS 2022 will be published online and as 
open-access in the Dagstuhl Open Access Series in Informatics 


* Bastian Amberg, FU Berlin, Germany
* Moritz Baum, Apple Inc., USA
* Nikola Bešinović, TU Delft, Netherlands
* Valentina Cacchiani, University of Bologna, Italy
* Serafino Cicerone, University of L’Aquila, Italy
* David Coudert, INRIA and Université Cốté d’Azur, France
* Gianlorenzo D’Angelo, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy
* Yann Disser, TU Darmstadt, Germany
* Stefan Funke, University of Stuttgart, Germany
* Christian Liebchen, TH Wildau, Germany
* Matúš Mihalák, Maastricht University, Netherlands
* Joseph S. B. Mitchell, Stony Brook University, USA
* Matthias Müller-Hannemann, MLU Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
* Philine Schiewe, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
* Pieter Vansteenwegen, KU Leuven, Belgium
* Christos Zaroliagis, University of Patras, Greece

Best regards,
Mattia D'Emidio and Niels Lindner
PC chairs of ATMOS 2022

University of L'Aquila
Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
phone: +39 0862 434466
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web: http://www.mattiademidio.com

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