[hpc-announce] [Call for Participation] ESSA 2022: 3rd International Workshop on Extreme-Scale Storage and Analysis

Murali Emani m.k.eemani at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:47:37 CDT 2022

ESSA 2022: 3rd International Workshop on Extreme-Scale Storage and Analysis
  (Formarly HPS: International Workshop on High Performance Storage)

          Held June 3rd 2022 in conjunction with IPDPS 2022

ESSA succeeds the international workshop on High Performance Storage
(HPS) to enlarge the scope to include data processing and analytics

Our goals in the ESSA Workshop are to bring together expert
researchers and developers in data-related areas such as storage, I/O,
processing and analytics on extreme scale infrastructures including
HPC systems, clouds, edge systems or hybrid combinations of these, to
discuss advances and possible solutions to the new challenges we
face. We expect the ESSA Workshop to result in lively interactions
over a wide range of interesting topics about high performance storage,
data processing, and analysis.

** Keynote Speaker

Robert B. Ross (Argonne National Laboratory)

Robert Ross is a Senior Computer Scientist at Argonne National
Laboratory and a Senior Fellow at the Northwestern-Argonne Institute
for Science and Engineering. He is the Director of the DOE SciDAC
RAPIDS Institute for Computer Science, Data, and Artificial
Intelligence. Rob’s research interests are in system software for high
performance computing systems, in particular distributed storage
systems and libraries for I/O and message passing. Rob received his
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Clemson University in 2000. Rob was
a recipient of the 2004 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists
and Engineers and the 2020 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, and he was
named an ACM Fellow in 2021.

** Invited Speakers

Lavanya Ramakrishnan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Lavanya Ramakrishnan is a Senior Scientist and Division Deputy in the
Scientific Data Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Her
research interests are in building software tools for computational
and data-intensive science with a focus on workflow, resource, and
data management. More recently, she has been using user research
methods to understand as well as verify/validate the context of use
and social challenges that often impact tool design and
development. She currently leads several project teams that consist of
a mix of social scientists, software engineers, and computer

Johann Lombardi (Intel Corporation)

Johann Lombardi is a senior principal engineer in the Super Computing
Group (SCG) at Intel. He is the lead architect of the Distributed
Asynchronous Object Store (DAOS). Prior to DAOS, Johann led the
sustaining team in charge of the Lustre filesystem worldwide support
for 5 years at Cluster Filesystem, Sun, Oracle and Whamcloud. He then
transitioned to research programs (Fast Forward, ESSIO & Path Forward)
at Intel to lead the development of a nextgen storage stack for
Exascale HPC, Big Data and AI that resulted into DAOS.

** Program

EDT             CEST
10:00-10:10     16:00-16:10     Welcome

10:10-10:50     16:10-16:50     Keynote
        Keep Your Composure: HPC, Data Services, and the Mochi Project
        Rob Ross (Argonne National Laboratory)

10:50-11:20     16:50-17:20     Invited talk
        DAOS: Nextgen Storage Stack for HPC and AI
        Johann Lombardi (Intel)

11:20-11:50     17:20-17:50     Technical regular paper talk
        Caching Support for CHFS Node-local Persistent Memory File System
        Osamu Tatebe (University of Tsukuba), Hiroki Ohtsuji (Fujitsu Limited)

11:50-12:10     17:50-18:10      Technical short paper talk
        A Locality-aware Cooperative Distributed Memory Caching for
        Parallel Data Analytic Applications
        Chia-Ting Hung, Jerry Chou (National Tsing Hua University),
        Ming-Hung Chen, I-Hsin Chung (IBM T.J. Watson)

12:10-12:40     18:10-18:40     Invited talk
        The Curious Incident of the Data in the Scientific Workflow
        Lavanya Ramakrishnan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

12:40-13:10     18:40-19:10     Technical regular paper talk
        Modeling Power Consumption of Lossy Compressed I/O for
        Exascale HPC System
        Grant Wilkins, Jon C. Calhoun (Clemson University)

** Registration


** Organization

* Workshop Chairs
Osamu Tatebe, University of Tsukuba, Japan - Chair
Gabriel Antoniu, Inria, France - Co-Chair

* Program Chairs
Kento Sato, RIKEN, Japan - Chair
Murali Emani, ANL, USA - Co-Chair

* Program Committee
Julien Bigot, CEA, France
Angelos Bilas, Forth, Greece
Suren Byna, LBNL, USA
Franck Cappello, ANL, USA
Toni Cortes, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Alexandru Costan, Inria, France
Matthieu Dorier, ANL, USA
Luanzheng Guo, University of California, Merced, PNNL, USA
Hideyuki Kawashima, Keio University, Japan
Kathryn Mohror, LLNL, USA
Diana Moise, HPE, Switzerland
Hiroki Ohtsuji, Fujitsu Ltd, Japan
Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania
Michael Schoettner, Duesseldorf University, Germany
François Tessier, Inria, France
Weikuan Yu, Florida State University, USA

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