[hpc-announce] [MiM Anniversary] In-Memory Computing Panel Discussions - Free Webinar

Nima TaheriNejad nima.taherinejad at tuwien.ac.at
Mon Apr 11 10:54:51 CDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

In May, we celebrate the first anniversary of MiM webinars* and we 
celebrate it with two special panel discussion sessions, which feature 
our first year keynote speakers as panelists. To distinguish it from our 
usual panel discussions at the end of each keynote, we will call it a 
"super panel".

Each super panelist will open with a statement on the state-of-the-art, 
challenges, opportunities and future directions. Once all super 
panelists make their statement, we will move to the discussions with all 
of the panelists in that session. As attendees, you will also have a 
chance to ask all questions you may have for these super panelists.

The following super panelists have so far confirmed their attendance in 
the following sessions (listed alphabetically):

    + May 2nd, at 4pm (16h) CET: David Fick (Mythic), Sharon Hu (Uni. 
Notre Dame), Onur Mutlu (ETHZ), Kaushik Roy (Purdue University)
     + May 16th, at 4pm (16h) CET: Jeronimo Castrillon (TU Dresden), 
Pedram Khalili (Northwestern Uni.), Helen Li (Duke Uni.), Damien 
Querlioz (Uni. Paris-Saclay)

Book your calendar and forward the message to your friends and 
colleagues who may be interested in this topic. Thank you and looking 
forward to hosting you in these sessions.
Best Regards,
Nima TaheriNejad

*MiM is a new biweekly webinar series dedicated to all aspects and 
technologies for in-memory computing and in a broader sense near memory 
computing. MiM is free and open to everyone around the world, held on 
the first and third Monday of each month. To maximize the outreach, we 
begin at 4-5:30pm central European time, which is 7-8:30am Pacific time 
and 10-11:30pm Beijing time.

Nima TaheriNejad, PhD
Assistant Professor,
TU Wien, Institute of Computer Technology,

Gusshausstrasse 27-29, Room CA0229
1040 Vienna, Austria, +43-1-58801-384-52

My latest publications (selected short list):
SIXOR: Single-cycle In-memristor XOR @ IEEE TVLSI 2021
Self-aware Data Processing for Power Saving in Resource-Constrained IoT Cyber-Physical Systems @ IEEE Sensors 2022
Sorting in Memristive Memory @ ACM JETCS 2022

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